Basics & installation

Do you have Windows versions of Neonto Studio editions?

Neonto runs only on Mac. Neonto Studio generates real native code for iOS and Android. Xcode is available only for Mac so it is the only platform that covers both IDE's (Xcode and Android Studio).

Does it work on virtual Mac

Unfortunately no, Studio uses hardware acceleration and it usually doesn't work on virtual machines.

How do I install Native Studio?

Just unzip the downloaded file and drag the .app file to your Mac's applications folder.

How can I run my app on a real device?

Install Xcode and Android Studio for running your app on your device.

For Android phone you need to enable Developer settings to get your device be listed in target device on Android Studio. On most Android phones you'll find these settings under the Settings-->Developer options.

To run your app on iOS device you need to add your developer or iTunes account to Xcode accounts (Preferences-->Accounts). Find more info from Apple developer site in here and here.

Features & app design

What programming languages does Neonto generate?

Neonto generates Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android Studio. There is no framework or other runtime dependency, it's just Xcode and Android Studio projects.

Will you support Apple's new Swift language?

Swift is definitely something we'll do eventually! But we need to carefully consider when to transition. Swift has been a moving target so far -- and we mean that in a good way, as Apple keeps improving Swift. (For example 2.2 came out in March 2016 and has changes to the core language.) Once Swift stabilizes, we'll commit to a plan for transitioning Neonto's iOS output to Swift.

Can I use HTML assets on Neonto?

Yes you can, create asset folder and upload your HTML assets in there. Use Web content element for showing your HTML files (Select asset folder from Web content element settings).

How do I connect a mobile app to a server back-end?

You need either a custom plugin or add backend connection logic directly in code.

We have example plugins available for Parse and Tumblr that can be used as the starting point for many kinds of back-end connectors.

Also, the Google Sheets plugin included in the paid versions is useful for creating simple back-ends very easily!

Neonto's team can also build custom plugins for you, just contact us at for a quote.

Licensing and publishing

Do I have to pay for Neonto after I've published my app to stores?

No, the app is published by you, we have no involvement in that. So you only need to pay the subscription while you're using Neonto Native Suite to create your app.

Who owns the generated code?

For paid version of Native Suite, you own all the code. You can enter your own copyright in App Settings, and it will be included in every source file in the exported projects. (In other words, there’s not even a question of licensing because the code is copyrighted by you!