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Make your prototype a real native iOS and Android mobile app,
not just an animated slideshow. Native Studio generates real Objective-C and Java code.

Then turn your prototype into a production-quality app.

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Neonto Native Studio places no limits for your mobile app development. The subscription includes:

  • Advanced publishing & export features
    (Google Play expansion pack, bundle settings, etc.)
  • Unlimited commercial use of exported code: Publish on app stores, create Android .apk, internal distribution with Apple Enterprise program or "ad hoc"
  • Tizen support for Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3 smartwatches

$199 / month

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“Our prototype turned into a real app”

“Prototyping is essential for service design process and Neonto is the perfect tool for iterating on mobile prototypes.

“What makes Neonto even more amazing is that you get a real native app without additional effort!”

- Matti Kanninen
Concept & Technology Designer, N2 Finland

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Native navigation & components

Neonto includes essential mobile building blocks such as navigation bars, tabs, drawers, lists and grids.
These are the real thing—not fake HTML look-a-likes, but the actual native look & feel on each platform. Users will feel at home.

Combine native navigation and web content seamlessly. Any part of your app can be embedded HTML5 while the "skeleton" of the app is native.

Responsive design

Tired of repetitive work with different screen sizes and devices? Use Neonto's smart Keylines to create responsive designs without a fuss. Device previews give you instant feedback of how a layout works on different screens.

Native components follow the latest OS guidelines automatically. Lists and grids can be previewed with real data, and they export as real components like UICollectionView.

For designers

Many prototyping tools are great for sketching out individual screens and animations in fine detail... But then reality strikes when those designs need to be implemented. Neonto Studio is all about design that works in real code. It’s the missing piece of your app design puzzle.

Neonto Studio gives you direct access to native UI features on iOS and Android. You can work using real data, make responsive designs, and communicate your intent to programmers in a form that makes sense — usable code.

We also have a powerful plugin for Sketch. Bring your designs and turn them into real apps!
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For developers

Traditional prototyping tools make it too easy to build unrealistic visuals because they're just animation engines with no understanding of the actual frameworks on iOS and Android.

Neonto Studio ensures that the prototype that lands on your desk can be implemented in code—because it already is. There is no framework or other runtime dependency, it's just Xcode and Android Studio projects.

What to do with the generated code is up to you. For rapid projects, the Neonto-generated project can be very useful as a starting point. For complex projects, pick what is useful: image assets, colors, fonts etc.

Test & publish

From day 1, your prototype is already a real app.
Plug in your phone and run it.

Home screen icon, notifications – everything will work straight away.

With the new Xcode 7 you can run your app on any iPhone or iPad even without an Apple developer account. On Android, just enable developer mode on the device.

Send out your app

A native prototype is easy to share with clients and beta testers.

Use Appetize.io to send out simulator links that work in a browser. On Android, you can just make an app package and send it out by email.

Of course you can also publish to the app stores and use their facilities for alpha testing. Neonto's Store Agent service can help you get your app on the Apple and Google stores painlessly.

Apps on the fly

Plugins are Neonto Studio's secret weapon. They can be controls, web services, animations or entire complex UI concepts.
We have a growing collection of tools that let you build app projects to completion right inside Neonto Studio:


Showcase and publish:

  • Brochures and portfolios
  • Children's books
  • Interactive video apps

Neonto Studio + your content = beautiful and user friendly mobile apps.


Use maps and location to make apps that point the way. Show people how to find something, or where the action is.

Neonto Studio gives easy access to native Apple Maps and Google Maps.

Festival, events, parks, social networks to help people find places... These are just some apps that build on location.


Create your own visual worlds with Neonto's rich camera plugins. Capture, edit, store and share.

Use the Brand Camera plugin to add live text, overlay graphics, etc.

For fun stickers and decorations right in the camera viewfinder, try the Sticker Camera plugin! Great for letting people interact with your brand.

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